The Lord St. Davids Collection

With financial contribution from the Finiper Group, the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, and the Town of Pesaro, the Rossini Foundation purchased the rich Lord St. Davids collection in 1999. The collection includes about 1400 volumes of printed music, manuscripts, and signed works by Gioachino Rossini.

The published works, almost all contemporary to Rossini, reflect the extraordinary success and great popularity of Rossini’s works in those years. Most of the publications are reductions for canto and piano, but the collection also includes some musical scores – some of which are in manuscript form. There are many excerpts of arias that enjoyed widespread circulation as autonomous pieces. The collection is completed by various librettos, some from debut performances, and a few signed manuscripts.

Of particular interest are the volumes that include revisions of Rossini’s works, among which is the exhaustive and rich publication of the series of revisions for solo piano edited in Vienna by Sauer & Leidesdorf.

Rossini musica da vedere

For further information on the Lord St. Davids collection, see the catalogue Rossini musica da vedere. This catalogue was produced for the exhibit held in Pesaro from May 6th to 31st, 2000 dedicated to the valorisation of the collection shortly after its acquisition by the Rossini Foundation.

As well as a description of the collection and numerous images, the catalogue includes writings by Bruno Cagli and Sergio Ragni fundamental to the full understanding of the extraordinary fame that Rossini acquired throughout Europe since the time of his early works.