I Libretti di Rossini Series

This series dedicated to Rossini’s librettos complements the critical edition of Rossini’s works, presenting the sources of inspiration for each individual work allowing a reconstruction of the path from the earliest literary trace of the work to the finished libretto used by the composer.
In some cases this excursus extends to document the success of the work, adding the texts of the most important reviews and thus offering an extensive look at the changes introduced to the work over time. It is a fascinating itinerary that presents rare texts – sometimes anastatically printed – preceded by in depth analytical introductions, which as well as locating the texts within their specific historical-literary contexts, also dedicate a significant amount of space to the libretto writers. The original documentary sources on the libretto writers allows, in as much detail as possible, a reconstruction of their contribution that brings them out of the anonymity to which they were relegated by previous superficial critical judgement.

Published volumes

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