Critical Edition of the Works of Gioachino Rossini

The critical edition of Rossini’s works is a monumental undertaking that began in 1971. After years of intense study and in-depth research, the first volume dedicated to La gazza ladra was published in 1979.

The aim is to publish all of the Rossini’s works within the framework of a project that treats not only the theatrical works of the composer, but also the songs, scores, religious music, chamber music, and vocals and instrumentals including those produced during the last few years of the composers life which he called Péchés de vieillesse.

The aim of the critical edition is not only to restore the works philologically, but also to develop score sheets that allow the works to be performer properly.

Since 1980, cooperation with the Rossini Opera Festival has fundamental to success, as the critical editions are adopted for their stage performances permitting an immediate philological and practical evaluation of the work carried out.

Each work is assigned to a specialist under the direction of a purpose Editorial Committee.

The critical edition is divided into eight sections:

• First section Opere teatrali

• Second section Musiche di scena e cantate

• Third section Musica sacra

• Fourth section Inni e cori

• Fifth section Musica vocale da camera

• Sixth section Musica strumentale

• Seventh section Péchés de vieillesse

• Eighth section Varie



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The Critical Edition of the Works of Rossini is edited by:

Giovanni Acciai, Federico Agostinelli, M. Elisabeth C. Bartlet, Marco Beghelli, Margaret Bent, Vincenzo Borghetti, Charles Brauner, Patricia B. Brauner, Mauro Bucarelli, Giovanni Carli Ballola, Daniele Carnini, Stefano Castelvecchi, H. Colin Slim, Michael Collins, Azio Corghi, Rossana Dalmonte, Davide Daolmi, Fabrizio Della Seta, Gabriele Dotto, Paolo Fabbri, Arrigo Gazzaniga, Philip Gossett, Gabriele Gravagna, Helen Greenwald, Kathleen K. Hansell, Guido J. Joerg, Janet L. Johnson, Ilaria Narici, Pierluigi Petrobelli, Paolo Pinamonti, Francesco Paolo Russo, Claudio Scimone, Fabrizio Scipioni, Marvin Tartak, Lorenzo Tozzi, Piero Weiss, Anders Wiklund, Alberto Zedda