Iconografia Rossiniana

Series edited by Cesare Scarton

The series Iconografia Rossiniana was created to offer a visual and figurative survey of Rossini’s works that parallels the historical, musicological, philological and other publishing activities of the Rossini Foundation. This is a particularly valuable series adorned with very high quality production materials and elegantly published.
Four volumes have been published to date. The first is dedicated to the scenography of William Tell, presenting a chronological excursus from the birth of the work in 1829 to the end of the 19th century. The second volume, entitled Rossini sulla scena dell’Ottocento, presents reproductions of all of the scenographical drafts and notes preserved in various libraries, archives and private collections – some of which have been inaccessible until this publication. The third volume is dedicated to Othello, a work that has had un-paralleled continuous success since its first stage appearance in 1816. This volume analyses every aspect of the work, with references to literature, figurative art, theatre and prose. The fourth volume focuses on the greatest scenographer of the 19th century, Alessandro Sanquirico, who was justly called “the Rossini of scenography”. This volume is the most important scientific contribution on this artist and presents analysis and reproductions of the artists work in a body of research unique to its genre.

Volumi pubblicati

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