Facsimile Editions

Petite Messe SolennelleFrom the Fondazione Rossini of Pesaro archives, one of the most valuable autograph manuscript in the collection, bequeathed by Rossini to his home town: the Petite Messe solennelle (version for soloists, choir, two pianos and harmonium).

This facsimile edition comes in the shape of a volume contained in an elegant oblong case (29,5 x 37,5 cm) covered in dark brown canvas. Inside, are some fine reproductions of the autographed sheets bearing Rossini’s score for voice and piano, together with the separate parts for the harmonium and second piano. A limited edition of just 310 copies, the first numbered I to X, then 1 to 300.

Composed by Gioachino Rossini in 1863, the Petite Messe solennelle can be considered the Maestro’s spiritual testament. We preserved the original manuscript in the Tempietto Rossiniano, in Palazzo Olivieri. Rossini composed two versions of this work: the first being for soloists, choir, two pianos and the harmonium; the second an orchestration of the first version for soloists, choir, organ and orchestra.

Facsimile editions bring Rossini’s heritage around the world, as the composer left it to his home town.

Published volumes

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