Royal Decree R.D. 4 April 1869 authorised the Town of Pesaro to accept management of the patrimonial legacy left it by Gioachino Rossini in his last will and testament of June 5, 1868. With this inheritance, the Town founded the Liceo Musicale in June 1869 according to the Royal Decree incorporating the body entrusted with the management of the patrimony. The Convention of 1940 transformed the Liceo Musicale into the state academy “G. Rossini State Music Conservatory”, while the body entrusted with the management of the Maestro’s legacy became formally known as the “Fondazione G. Rossini”.

This non-profit Foundation has the following mission: to support the activities of the Conservatory, the study of and teaching about the composer, and the preservation of the memory and works of Gioachino Rossini.

The primary publishing activity of the Foundation is the critical review “Opera Omnia”, published in cooperation with Casa Ricordi to which are entrusted the distribution of the review and printing the musical scores and orchestral and choral sections.

This critical review not only presents a valid source of philological restoration and therefore the transmission of the complete body of authentic material, but also returns Rossini’s productions to the public previously limited to a small number of works.

Cooperation with the Rossini Opera Festival, which stages critical editions of the Maestro’s works, allows immediate live feedback on the activities an experimental laboratory. This working environment is unique in national and international musical spheres. The Rossini Foundation, Casa Ricordi, and the Rossini Opera Festival all form the Committee for the Recovery of the Rossini Legacy.

The Foundation also publishes the Bollettino del Centro Rossiniano di Studi, a periodical for scientific and musicological studies, and is currently in the process of combining Opera Omnia with the Epistolario Rossiniano, edited by Bruno Cagli and Sergio Ragni, and with the series Saggi e Fonti, I Libretti di Rossini and Iconografia Rossiniana.

The Foundation carries out its activities with the financial support of the Town of Pesaro, the Marches Region, the Administration of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino, the Ministry for Cultural Patrimony and Activities, as well as with the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro and the Banca dell’Adriatico.