One of the most precious autographs in the collection transmitted by Rossini to his hometown by testamentary bequest is the Petite Messe solennelle (version for solos, choir, two pianos and harmonium).

The facsimile edition consists of a volume contained in an elegant oblong box (29.5 x 37.5 cm) covered in dark brown canvas. Inside, the exceptional reproductions of Rossini’s autographed sheet music of the score for voices and piano, followed by the separate parts for the harmonium and piano in a ripieno concerto. Only 310 copies of the edition were made, the first numbered from I to X, the following from 1 to 300.

Composed by Gioachino Rossini in 1863, the Petite Messe solennelle can be considered the Maestro’s spiritual testament. The manuscript, in our possession, is at present on display at the Rossini National Museum in Pesaro. Rossini composed two versions of the work: one for solos, choir, two pianos and harmonium and the other one is the orchestration of the same, for solos, choir, organ and orchestra.

The value and finesse of the anastatic reproductions lies in the dissemination of Rossini’s heritage in the same form in which he left it in his hometown.