curated by Bruno Cagli and Sergio Ragni

Not only all Rossini’s letters and those addressed to him are published, but also the documents and correspondence of impresarios, singers, set designers, librettists and all the characters in some way linked to the events of the composer. Thanks to the exhaustive notes of which it is accompanied, it is currently the most complete biographical vademecum available on the composer from Pesaro.

The five volumes published to date occupy the period from the birth of the composer until 1839 when Rossini was appointed consultant (essentially a director) of the Liceo musicale di Bologna, in the midst of turbulent private events of which ample account is given.

In a separate volume, Rossini’s letters to his parents are published in chronological order from 1812 to 1830.

I 29 febbraio 1792 – 17 marzo 1822
II 21 marzo 1822 – 11 ottobre 1826
III 17 ottobre 1826 – 31 dicembre 1830
IIIa Lettere ai genitori
18 febbraio 1812 – 22 giugno 1830
IV 5 gennaio 1831 – post 28 dicembre 1835
V 1 gennaio 1836-28 aprile 1839