A story that dates back to 1858 …

A Royal Decree dated 4th April, 1869, authorised the City of Pesaro to accept the inheritance left by Gioachino Rossini in his testament dated 5th July , 1858..

June 1869 – With the inheritance the Municipality founded the “Liceo Musicale”, which was erected by Royal Decree in “Corpo Morale” in June 1869.

1940 – With the Convention of 1940, the “Liceo Musicale” was transformed into the “G. Rossini State Conservatoire” and the “Ente Morale”, to which the Municipality had conferred the ownership and management of the heritage inherited from the Maestro, took on the name of the “G. Rossini Foundation“.

The Foundation is non profit.

The aim of the Foundation is to support the activity of the Conservatoire and to study and maintain the memory of Gioachino Rossini and his work all over the world.

The collected works in a series of Critical Editions constitutes the major editorial commitment carried out by the Foundation in collaboration with Casa Ricordi, entrusted with their distribution and the printing of both orchestral and choral scores.

Apart from the obvious value of a philological restoration, and consequently its publishing and the transmission of all the authentic material, the purpose of the Critical edition is also to allow the public to benefit from the work of Rossini which previously was limited to a few repertoire titles.

The validity of this work can be immediately demonstrated live when the Rossini Opera Festival stages the Maestro’s operas in the Critical Edition within the dimension of an experimental workshop that constitutes an almost unique case in both the Italian and the international life of music.

Fondazione Rossini, Casa Ricordi e Rossini Opera Festival are members of the Committee of Restituzione rossiniana.


The Foundation also publishes its own periodical with scientific contributions of a musicological character. The periodical, “Bollettino del Centro Rossiniano di Studi”, is also integrating the collected works with the publication of Rossini’s epistolary Giaochino Rossini. Lettere e documenti edited by Bruno Cagli and Sergio Ragni and the series Saggi e Fonti, I Libretti di Rossini and Iconografia Rossiniana.

The Foundation’s activities are carried out with the contribution of the City of Pesaro, the Marche Region, the Provincial Administration of Pesaro and Urbino, the Ministry of Culture, the collaboration of the Fondazione Cassa Risparmio di Pesaro and the Banca Intesa San Paolo.